Nanny Placements

Our Nannies and Babysitters have a commitment to their career and an understanding of family dynamics. We expect a professional work ethic and a genuine love for working with children.

Beach Baby Nannies will handle the entire process for you and take the guesswork out of finding the best nanny for your family. We will save you time and frustration, match you with the right nanny, and provide ongoing support and emergency care services. You can rest assured that your nanny can meet your high standards.

What is a nanny and what do they do?

Nannies are childcare specialists who participate in the social, emotional, and intellectual development of their charges. They are often expected to work with children on such areas a language development, potty training, social manners, homework, and more

A Nanny’s primary concern is the welfare of your child or children. Routine tasks may include:

Types of Nanny Placements

Nannies (Live-in or live-out, full or part-time): Our nannies come with a range of experience, certifications and education; for example, Early Childhood Development, Child Psychology, Teaching/Tutoring, Nursing, CPR/First Aid Certifications and more, upon request.​

A permanent full-time nanny manages your children’s daily routine and becomes a partner for your family. Full-time nannies generally work 30-55 hours per week. Nannies must commit to a minimum of one year.

Our summer nannies are active, bright, and energetic college students and schoolteachers from across the country. They can provide daily care and assist with your children’s daily summer activities and accompany you on vacation. Summer nannies typically begin their positions in late May/early June and conclude in August. We encourage clients to begin the summer nanny search process as early as March.

A “family assistant” is a hybrid role combining assistant and childcare responsibilities. Many families with school-aged children will transition from a full-time nanny to a family assistant in order to make good use of school time hours when the wee ones are away.

For families that need assistance for a temporary amount of time.

A permanent part-time nanny has the same training and qualifications as a full-time nanny but works a shorter week. These positions are typically sought for after-school care but can also cover morning or daytime help. Finding a part-time nanny can be especially challenging as most professional nannies prefer to work full-time. Hours are less than 30 per week.

This arrangement involves hiring an individual who is willing to care for the children from two families.


Childcare: The Nuts And Bolts

Childcare: Emotional, Intellectual And Physical Development

Managing And Maintaining The Household



Part-time nannies' salaries vary, while full-time nannies typically earn between $2,700 and $5,000 per month. Generally, nannies can expect to make $25 to $50 per hour, encompassing both full-time and part-time positions.


Numerous families offer benefits to their nannies, such as paid sick days, vacation time, and holidays. Additionally, they may provide medical insurance or a health stipend to further support their employees.