Personal and Executive Assistants

Personal Assistants

A Personal Assistant (PA) is a skilled person who makes life easier for their bosses by organizing their time table, scheduling their appointments, project management, event coordination, home & office organization, errands, bill pay, managing their files, and booking or cancelling their appointments to let their bosses work stress free and at their productive best. These candidates come equipped with their own “black book,” and a ‘no job too small’ attitude.

Executive Assistants

Executive Assistants (EA) are much more professional and possess managerial and operational skills that are far ahead of personal assistants. EA’s are essentially PA’s who specialize in business communication and coordination. An EA will focus on tasks related to your business or work life, and are available to work from your home or office. Executive assistants normally work for high level executives such as MD or CEO, and are expected to have high problem solving skills and decision-making skills.