Why Choose Us

All of us at Beach Baby Nannies LLC, understand the challenges of finding great help. We have the experience you can depend on to know you are finding the most experienced, reliable help available.

We place all types of childcare (Full-time/Part-time Nannies, Summer childcare, Temp 0-3 months, Newborn Night care such as NCS/PPD, and Babysitters), Housekeepers, Estate Managers/House Managers, Family/Personal Assistants, Private Chefs, and more!

Please feel free to also email Trudie the owner

 Trudie@beachbabynannies.com if you have any questions.

Why Choose Beach Baby Nannies

As a parent, owner and placement specialist Trudie Reich understands first hand how difficult it can be to find affordable, reliable and available childcare in Santa Barbara. With over 14 years of professional nanny and household management experience and the mother of one gorgeous little toddler - she knows firsthand the importance of finding the right nanny, or household help for your family. She listens. Carefully. With intuition, experience and level of care throughout the placement process, she ensures that both client and candidate are matched with their ideal circumstance.

No one placement is like another. Each family is unique as are the candidates they interview. We believe that personality plays a large role in a long lasting placement, and we believe in listening to our clients and getting to know them better to understand their needs. We ask questions and honestly listen to you when you answer.
We are very thorough in our screening process and are committed to finding the right candidates for each individual family. We meet each applicant in person to try to get to know them. Quite simply, we care about our clients and take pride in making this as smooth a process as possible for every client family.

Benefits of working with us: