House and Estate Managers

House Managers

Household Managers are responsible for the daily tasks and running of a private home. Duties may include managing other household staff, overseeing vendors and contractors, coordinating household projects, vehicle maintenance, child supervision, daily household organization, assistance with social events, maintenance and care of household valuables, managing the household budget and keeping track of personal inventory.

House Manager is given to an individual who is highly competent in and experienced with a large variety of household and service duties. House Managers frequently have a strong background in hotel or restaurant management (particularly high-end establishments) and have strong supervisory, problem-solving, and social skills. They usually act as liaison between employer and other groups, including more junior members of the household staff and outside contractors. A successful House Manager is adaptable to the needs of his employer and handles pressure well. House Managers are also appropriate for extremely busy clients who lack the time for everyday household matters.

We screen for a diverse skill set with the ability to oversee projects, contract vendors, arrange travel, and oversee household staff. We expect our House Managers to have the ability to multi-task, prioritize efficiently, and effectively manage the household. Candidates must be computer savvy with accuracy and speed.

Estate Managers

Estate Managers are common in households of 15,000 square feet and larger, and especially in estates with multiple properties, extensive grounds, elaborate art, antique, and wine collections, or complex technology. 

Estate Managers are highly organized, intelligent, multi-task and well-versed at training and managing a team; they typically set the service standard and are responsible for the hiring, training, and ongoing management of staff required to meet the service needs of the household. All related financial matters including accounting, budgets, and payroll normally pass through the EM’s hands. 

Common tasks include screening and overseeing outside vendors, contractors, construction projects, maintenance of pools, landscaping, autos, yachts, private planes, etc.