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Beach Baby Nannies LLC does not operate a payroll service - we have partnered with HomePay that will provide a nanny tax service, providing tax, salary and wages, employment contracts, insurance, general administration services for household employers and domestic employment.


Beach Baby Nannies LLC is proud to partner with HomePay to simplify the HR aspects of being a household employer (payroll processing, tax filing and labor law compliance). As the nation’s leading household employment specialists since 1992, their team of experts provides helpful guidance for our clients.

Helpful Nanny Tax Forms

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GTM provides all of the services you need, from a variety of health, dental, and vision insurance packages to Workers’ Compensation insurance to retirement plans.

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HomeWork Solutions

Household Payroll & Nanny Tax Compliance Services

  • HSW will handle the entire setup and ongoing management of your tax accounts for you. 

  • HSW offers free HR Consultations to ensure that you understand all of your employment obligations. These are important to understand when negotiating employment terms.

  • Complete payroll offers direct deposit, live check mailed to the employee, or a direct payment from the employer. Essential Payroll only supports direct payment from employer.

  • We handle your Federal, State, and Local (if applicable) taxes

  • HWS will direct debit (via ACH) your bank account for all financial transactions, including payroll, taxes and fees for service.

  • Set up time generally requires 5-7 days from the time we receive completed employer information.

Rachel from HomeWork Solutions, is our Agency Partner Specialist and is happy to answer your payroll and tax questions as you go through the hiring process. She will reach out to you to go over what you will need to do to be compliant with Federal and California laws regarding payroll and taxes, and to answer any initial questions you might have. Of course, you are welcome to reach out to her throughout the process as well, she is happy to provide you with any information you need as a courtesy of working with our agency.  She can be reached by phone at (571) 293-8800, or by email at 


Four Key Benefits of Using a Household Payroll Service

It can be difficult for even the most organized household employer to keep track of changes to labor, wage tax, and insurance laws and regulations that vary by state or even city. Payroll services can help make sure your compliant, giving you a peace of mind and freeing your time to do the things in life you enjoy. 

1.) Paycheck distribution via direct or live check

2.) Electronic tax filings (or signature-ready returns)

3.) Year-end tax filings including ScheduleH, W-2, and W-3.

4.) Compliance with federal and state tax, labor and wage laws

The benefits from using a payroll service include:

  • Avoiding IRS Fines and Penalties for Non-compliance

  • Reducing Your Risk for an Audit or Lawsuit

  • Taking Advantage of Tax Breaks​

  • Working with Happier Employees

*Information provided by GTM Payroll Services

Download a printable W-4 Form.