Education is not one-size-fits-all. Hiring an in-home, private educator is a great option for many children and their parents. Our private educators work closely with you to ensure your child’s specific needs are met and that they’re set up for success. During Covid-19's pandemic, you might want to consider hiring a teacher to come into your home for a few hours a day and have them teach the subjects they would otherwise be learning at school. More and more parents are realizing that you can hire a licensed teacher, to come into their home and teach their children. Sometimes this teacher is also a nanny and will care for the other non-academic needs of your children as well.

Personalized Learning
Your Family—Your Choice

While every family’s preferences are unique, certain homeschooling approaches have become very popular. For some families it’s the Montessori or Waldorf approach that works best, while others are drawn towards the child-lead method of Unschooling and Multiple Intelligences, and others prefer a contemporary spin on classical education. In fact, most families don’t follow one style or method exactly. Instead, they work closely with their Private Educator to determine the style and curriculum that fits their family and eventually end up with a method all their own. You determine what works for you, we’ll find the Private Educator to fit the bill.

Our Educators
Not Your Typical Teacher

Our Private Educators backgrounds are as diverse as those they teach: some are seasoned classroom or home-school teachers, others are experienced tutors, and then there are those stellar professional nannies who have a passion for teaching and a degree in Education who could be the perfect match for your family. It’s about their background, sure. But it’s also about chemistry, and the perfect resume doesn’t mean the perfect fit. Rest assured, we’ll find the teacher who will spark a love for learning in your child.

Timing & Pricing Information

We understand flexibility is a must at this stage in life. We’ll work closely with you to ensure the process of hiring the perfect private educator is as quick and stress-free as possible. Most families hire an educator through BBN in 2-4 weeks, sometimes less, sometimes longer, depending on the specifics of the position (i.e. location, hours, rate of pay et cetera). We understand your time matters, and we’ll do our best to not take too much of it!

Our fee for a private educator placement is on par with other established in-home placement agencies across the country. We have several placement packages that to cater to the varying needs and preferences of our clientele. Simply choose the package that’s right for you. And because we know you have other options in the marketplace, we’ll work hard, day-in and day-out, to win your business now, and for years to come. 

Your Child Will Be Able to Learn at Their Own Pace

Mainstream classrooms place emphasis on the group as a whole. Teaching your child at home, essentially puts your child in charge of the learning pace. If they understand a concept, they can quickly move on. But if they are struggling, you can focus more on that skill.

Freedom Over Your Schedule

You and the teacher you hire can set the school hours. You can choose when and where they complete their lessons. Whether that be in the morning, afternoon, or even evening. What works best for you, is what you do.

Learning Outside the Box Through Play 

You will have the ability to be allow your teacher to be spontaneous in their teaching. Perhaps your child takes a sudden interest in a topic. You can let the teacher use the time with your child to help that child learn more about that interest in unconventional ways. Whether that is researching, taking a trip, or planning an activity around that subject. The world can be their classroom.

Just know that you the parent have options during these times. And now is the time to start thinking and preparing for what might come.

Candidate Rates

Private Educators and Nanny-Tutors          $30-$60 hour 


   Compensation is based on the amount of experience the candidate brings to the position, the duties included in the job description, and current market trends

1- private educator ( 3+ years teaching experience, highest hourly wage)

2- tutor (gives help in a specific subject, high hourly wage)

3-homework helper (less experience, less hourly wage)

4-pod (group of kids, 1 teacher, multiple families pay the teacher more)