Placement Fees

We offer several placement packages and options for our clients to choose from. We do not take out of our candidates pay or make money off how much they make. Our placement fees are always separate. 

A $400 non-refundable registration/search fee is required to start the search (not for babysitting placements, only part-time/full-time jobs and temporary packages), paid upfront to initiate your search and secure our services.

Full and Part Time Nannies - Standard Placement Package

$2700 one-time placement fee

Full and Part Time Nannies - Exclusive Placement Package

$3700 one-time placement fee

Newborn Care Placements

If you want to book newborn care at a day rate, the agency fee is $30 the first day of the week, and $20 each additional day within the same week.

$1600 one-time placement fee (0-3 months or whichever time period you need under 3-months)

Temporary Placements (0-3 Months or less) 

Temporary placements are on a short-term basis of 90 days or less. Clients often use this service when they are in-between nannies, waiting for preschools to open up a spot, visiting for vacation/work, still determining on a long-term childcare solution, or need extra coverage for an extended period of time.

$1600 one-time placement fee

On-call Babysitters

Minimum Requirements:

2 Payment Options

Daily rate: $30 the first day of the week, and $20 each additional day within the same week. (Ideal for the those who need back-up care and someone reliable, weekly help with minimal hours, or occasional date-nights/events.)

6-month Subscription: $500 (Ideal for those who rely on babysitters often and want the security and assurance of accessing child care during their busy schedules)

Hotel Babysitters

$30 the first day of the week, and $20 each additional day within the same week.

Event Babysitters

$40 the first day of the week, and $25 each additional day within the same week.

A La Carte Service - Background Screening

Find a candidate on your own but want the reassurance of a professional background screening on them before you make the official hire? Or perhaps you have narrowed down your top two candidates and would like to have their references checked? You can take advantage of the same screening service Beach Baby Nannies provides to all our families to conduct the background, reference and other essential checks for you. ​Let BBN help you be sure of your decision. Our A La Carte background screening service helps give you peace of mind!

Basic Background Check


Drug Screening

Drug Screening is NOT part of our standard check


Premium Background Check with Work Contract

All Basic checks, PLUS:


At BBN, we have a variety of services to support your family, no matter what stage of life you’re in. From experts specializing in newborn care to full-time and part-time nannies to private educators and babysitters, to housekeepers, family chefs and even personal assistants—we can help. 

Our team of experienced consultants will help you define your needs, refine your search, and identify the right person for the job.We truly are more than just another nanny referral business. It is a valuable screening and placement agency dedicated to honestly matching people with professionals. 

Our goal as an agency is to take the business part out of the whole placement process for you, so you can focus on your family, your children, and what candidate best suites the job you’re hiring. 

Share your priorities with us, and we will work with you to find the right nanny or home care professional to fulfill your unique needs.